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Residential Door Repair Brooklyn

If you’re looking to repair a glass door, sliding door, or wood door, you’ve come to the right place. We repair all doors includes glass doors, wood doors, and garage doors. Our technicians are experienced and will tell you upfront what the best way to fix your door, door frame or door lock. We do our best to keep prices low while maintaining our quality service. We recommend to homeowners to have their doors lubricated once or twice a year (spring and fall) and tuned up yearly or every other year depending on usage and climate.


  • Wood entry door
  • Fiberglass entry door
  • Steel entry door
  • Modern entry door
  • Double entry door
  • Garage entry door


RESIDENTIAL DOOR REPAIR Residential doors are the most important part of our homes. Whatever your front door is made of, it’s the first impression of your home and keeps you safe as well. Door Repair Brooklyn is one of the most trusted door repair companies in NY. Our technicians are licensed and insured. We make sure that our residential doors service has best to offer. We also keep our prices low, so that you can afford it without worrying about spending. This was also you can get any residential doors. We are licensed and insured.


House Door Repair

You need occasionally to repair a door to ensure proper function, and entry to the room or building it leads to. It is important to consider exterior door repair if the door is not in good shape because you may run the risk of losing possessions. You will often need door hinge repair. The hinges connect the door to the frame, which again is attached to the wall. When the hinges are not lubricated, rust may accumulate making it difficult to open the door. Door frames can also deteriorate with time. Proper door frame repair addresses this problem. You may have to completely remove the frame if it is cracked or pulled away from the wall. Call us at Brooklyn Door Repair to have it professionally done. Depending on the design and use of a building, many different types of doors are used and some of them may require certain repair services. Commercial buildings may need fire door Replace or repair.


Door Repair Services

Whether you need door lock installation or repair of a door, call the professionals at Brooklyn Door Repair. It is important to keep all doors in your home functioning properly, and this is where good door repair service as Brooklyn Door Repair is needed. Door repair, especially if it is an emergency door repair or repair of the main entry door, is best done by our company. If all kinds of flying bugs get into your house, call for someone doing screen door repair. At the same time, we can take care of that door lock repair you have needed for a long time.


Sliding Glass Door Repair

Sliding glass doors are very popular because of their two functions, as an entrance and a source of daylight. That is the reason why many homes opt to have these doors installed leading to the garden, patio, or balcony. These doors slide along tracks and dirt, mildew or sand often accumulate in the tracks, obstructing the movement of the door. If you have such a door in your home, sliding patio door repair may be needed to clean out the dirt on the tracks and maybe even replace the rollers. This should be done by a professional door repair company as Brooklyn door repair.


Door Repair Brooklyn services:


  • Broken Springs, Broken Door Openers, Bent Tracks
  • Automatic Doors, Sensing Devices, Push Plates
  • Dock Plates, Dock Seals, Dock Bumpers
  • High Speed Doors, Bump Doors, Bug Barrier Doors
  • Preventative Service Plan For Residential Customer


Security shutters for your home provide an effective, physical barrier to deter intruders. With vandalism and burglary continuously rising, they offer peace of mind when premises are occupied or vacant. The shutters can be either installed internally or externally and are both operated from inside your home by swivel belt, manual push up and down or electric operated, each, allowing a quick exit in the event of emergencies. For exit doors or patio doors the shutter may be internally or externally opened via a central lock. Locking bars locate into the side guide rails. The neat finish of the security shutters is evident when fitted to your property with their unobtrusive roll-up boxes and maintenance-free powder coated standard color finishes.


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