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Troubleshooting door function when door will not open or close properly

  1. When door not meeting weatherstrip evenly when it closes, hitting the top or bottom first -Quick fix: Realign, reshim, readjust lockside jamb so the door meets the weatherstripping evenly from top to bottom.
  2. When adjustable strike plate not properly aligned -Quick fix: Realign adjustable strike plate.
  3. When door sagging out of square in frame (uneven head margin) -Quick fix: Make sure LONG hinge screws provided are properly installed in the top hinge through the jamb to the stud.
  4. When frame out of square (uneven sill/door bottom margin) -Quick fix: Usually caused by plumb frame members sitting on unloved floor/sill area. Free lowest jamb leg and shim it up to level the sill and maintain an even head margin.