Rim/Mortise Locks

Rim cylinder and Mortise cylinder locks are often located on industrial doors, entrance glass doors, and some apartment doors. While rim locks are extremely much like mortise locks (many of our Abloy locks are rim/mortise combo locks) the actual equipment they are utilized on significantly differs. Rim cylinder locks are generally used in rim latch locks which are positioned on the inside of the door. Rim cylinder locks constantly have a long metal item prolonging out the back of the lock that runs through the door into a locking mechanism on the other side of the door. Rim locks are composed spot by two screws from the in that screw into the rear of the rim cylinder. By comparison, mortise cylinder locks are threaded and effectively screw into mortise hardware that is mounted within the door. They are held in place by a set screw and make use of a cam to actuate the locking hardware. Mortise cylinders are available in several different lengths and there is a big selection of choices for the cameras depending upon the exact mortise hardware they are being made use of in. We suggest reading our Cams/Tailpieces web page to find out more.