Garage doors are the largest moving object in your home and are often overlooked. As you would service your car to ensure continued optimal performance, you should also service your garage door. Servicing ensures springs, tensioning and openers are operating as they should be, and helps to avoid potential problems with your door and opener in the long-term.

Garage Door Maintenance

Your garage door has been built to last with reliability you can depend on. To keep your door running well, it is strongly recommended that doors are serviced every 12 months or earlier if required, and all garage door repairs should be carried out by a qualified service technician.

Do not attempt to repair your garage door!

Should the door become hard to operate or completely inoperative, contact your local Door Repair Brooklyn office or call the Door Repair Brooklyn technician who installed your door. For all residential garage door repairs and services, click here.

For all commercial and industrial roller door repairs and services, call 646-362-2009. For more useful information on how best to maintain your garage door, please click here. Garage door maintenance   You should also check out our Garage Door Services post.